End of summer

Aaron carving a 12' by 3' houseplank

Having just finally finished the last of the 2010 Olympic pieces, and the backlog they’d created for me, I am now getting geared up to choose a log, for a project carving a houseboard for Mosquito Creek Marina, in North Vancouver, on the shore of Eslha7an village.

very old totem pole

The old pole was starting to fall apart, rotting from the outside, and had sections where only the paint was holding it together. Some mushrooms were starting to grow inside. Everyone decided to bring it back out into the woods in Squamish Valley and let it return to the world. It sits in one of our old village sites, in sections, with a beautiful view of the forest and the sky.

Some people party quite a bit up there, as it has access to the logging road, but we have fewer and fewer places to practise our old ways. Maybe the party people will see the pole and feel a different sort of medicine and spirit.

totem pole put back into forest