A number of people and organizations have helped me in my work and in my growth and I’d like to recognize the following as just a few of those.

Xwalacktun / Rick Harry has been my great friend and mentor for almost 20 years now. He was my main carving teacher, although I also owe a number of other carvers such as Sesiy’am / Ray Natraoro, and Drew Atkins for their constant support and assistance. For jewelry work, people like Shane Point who first sharpened my tools, Dan Wallace Simeon who started and taught the Northwest Coast jewelry engraving program at the Native Education College, and even for the little bit of time with legendary Phil Janze, I’d like to thank them all.

The Squamish peoples are a collection of villages and families, and I owe many of my Elders and my friends and all of the youth for all their support. They all wear many hats, doing modern work and education, mixed with preservation of our community and heritage.

In other ways the Squamish is a also a political First Nation with a government all of our own, and in particularthe Stitsma Employment Agency has given me much assistance in my education and training; and the Squamish Nation Trust fund for their support in my business development.

The First Peoples’ Heritage, Language, and Culture Council was a great support, providing faith in me (and funds) to help me in my Coast Salish arts research, and again for my journey to New York to learn from Master Valentin Yotkov in his amazing repousse studio.